Sports Fencing & Enclosures

The range of Sports Fencing includes Games Courts Fencing, Multi Use Games Areas Fencing and Ball Stop Fencing featuring lattice reinforcements. 

The principal design features shared across Jacksons range are safety for spectators and participants, performance and durability.
Ball Stop Netting | Sports Netting
Boundary netting system for many sporting applications
Our ball stop fencing structure is strong enough to allow sports webbing/mesh to remain in place thought-out the year. By installing ball stop fencing it can reduce the risk of injury to other or trespass on neighboring land to retrieve lost balls, still allowing a clear visibility whilst acting as a all purpose sports safety barrier. 

  • Extra strength lattice posts
  • Top rail as standard
  • Hollow tubular construction
  • Optional stainless steel tensioning wires top and bottom of webbing/mesh
  • Tubular construction for rigidity and ease of installation
  • Wide range of webbing and mesh types available to suit different applications
  • Top rail for added stability and to prevent mesh from sagging
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • ‘Taut' webbing/netting structure
  • Suitable for polypropylene webbing, chain link and steel mesh infill
  • Universal frame for various applications from rugby pitch to golf driving range

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Sports Fencing and Enclosures

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