Linebacker Fence

Linebacker PAS 68 Shallow Foundations

The Linebacker is a cable crash fence and gate system that has passed the BSi PAS 68:2010 for the performance of vehicle security barriers and their supporting foundations when subject to a single horizontal impact.

Linebacker PAS 68 crash fence and gate will stop a 7.5 tonne vehicle traveling at 50 mph (80km/h). The system may be used as a stand-alone system. Additionally, this fence system may be retrofitted to any existing security fence.

Key Features

  • Quick to install
  • Single unbroken cable lengths
  • Galvanized steel cables with 71 tonne breaking strain 
  • Cable supported with posts at 6m centres
  • Cables do not require tensioning on site
  • Potential retro-fitting to reinforce existing fence
  • Can be made to look like post and rail
  • Foundations  500mm
  •  V/7500(N3)/80/90:7.3/21.4 

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