Gate Safety & Risk Assessment

Safety in the installation of all our products is of paramount importance to Breezemount. We promote safety aspects wherever possible and endeavour to provide our clients with an end product which complies with the guidelines and regulations of the industry standards. All of Breezemount’s Gates and Traffic Barriers comply with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 which is a legal requirement. European Standards BS EN 12445:2001 and BS EN 12453:2001 can be used to prove compliance with these Regulations.

Another key to compliance with the law is risk assessment, which includes identifying the hazards, estimating the severity and likelihood of each hazard, followed by an evaluation to determine whether each hazard is adequately controlled and, if it is not, what further action needs to be taken to control the risk. Given the importance of risk assessments, Breezemount are happy to carry these out for both new and existing customers to ensure that all our customers safety standards are met.

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