C-Scope MXL4 Precision Cable Avoidance Tool

The MXL4 uses the latest in digital signal processing to detect, identify and trace specific buried pipes and cables reliably and accurately, amongst a range of utilities, even in the most congested areas.

As the underground network of pipes and cables become even more complex, operators need a more sophisticated pipe and cable locator.  As well as detecting signals from the normal 33kHz & 131kHz the MXL4 will detect signals from very low frequencies ie. 8kHz & 640Hz

The C.Scope MXL4 locator should be used alongside the high power multi frequency MXT4 Transmitter

Key Features:

  • 3 Year warranty
  • No annual calibration needed 
  • Accurate depth indication
  • Driven by powerful digital signal technology
  • Automatic daily self test
  • High resolution LCD display with automatic backlight
  • Detachable loudspeaker
  • Easy-to-operate fingertip controls
  • Improved signal detection, capable of detecting the smallest of signals
  • Alarm zone for shallow pipe or cable alert
  • Optional data logging of all locator activity
  • Optional GPS position logging

For full product specification download datasheet below

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