Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-folding gates offer a secure, fast and efficient method of controlling traffic in and out of car parks and commercial premises.

Compared with conventional hinged swing gates, Bi-Fold gates intrude less into the surrounding area, and are ideal in most types of commercial and industrial premises.

The gate automation (electro-mechanical) drive systems are capable of continuous operation, and can be configured for simultaneous or individual leaf operation for both single and bi-directional traffic control.

Bi-Fold Gate Features:

  • Suitable for openings up to 10m, or single leaf versions up to 5m (depending on height & infill)
  • Fast and secure vehicle control, whilst also maintaining pedestrian security. 
  • Gates can be provided with either top or bottom guide track or in a new trackless version.
  • Designed and built to suit specific sites according to the level of security required.  
  • Fully programmable control panel is normally installed behind a lockable steel door inside one of the hanging posts, however we also offer remote mounting in a separate weatherproof enclosure.
  • Long term corrosion protection, comply with current safety requirements and come complete with fail safe buffers and twin photo-cells

Bi-Fold Gate & Automated Gate Applications

Ideal for: Commercial sites, factories, warehouses, police stations and parking areas, where vehicle safety and secure traffic management is essential for the smooth operation of entry and exit.

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